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Why use UseNet?

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For Internet users looking for a sense of community, more are finding themselves going back to an older technology -- Usenet newsgroups!

And the amount of posts circulating through the world is staggering. While difficult to get an accurate count of Usenet's active uploading/downloading population, server administrators estimate Usenet traffic doubles every 6 to 12 months. Newsgroup visitors worldwide generate more than a terabyte of data daily according to many Usenet NNTP administrators.



What Exactly Is Usenet?

Usenet is a worldwide bulletin board consisting of more than 120,000 newsgroups. And there's a topic for everything imaginable (and unimaginable :-), from cars to pet owner; sports and politics, to adult content.

Getting access to Usenet is easy (click here for a list of commercial providers of Usenet newsgroup access), and anyone can post/download messages. Some visitors participate in discussion threads, while others exchange files. There is no single organization that owns Usenet, as servers from around the globe automatically exchange information (via the Networks News Transport Protocol(NNTP)).

Beginners often access Usenet via their web browser, as many commercial newsgroup service providers (NSP) offer a "web gateway" to Usenet. More experienced users who need additional features utilize what's called a "newsreader". There are many free and paid versions of "newsreaders" each with its own set of features. An excellent description of newsgroup newsreaders can be found here.

The Growth Is Incredible

The number of users participating in Usenet is steadily growing, along with the percentage of users who visit newsgroups. Some experts estimate 5-10% of all Internet users regularly use Usenet.

To not experience Usenet is an opportunity lost. With hundreds-of-thousands of topics, along with users from around the globe exchanging in every language known to man, Usenet is a chance to participate in one of the largest information exchange networks on the Internet today. 


Finding Access To Usenet

Your ISP most likely doesn't provide Usenet newsgroups.

That's where 3rd-party Usenet providers come in. Click here for a list of providers who provide newsgroup access to all newsgroups, with high levels of retention and completion.

Usenet users are a diverse group; join now and participate in a wide range of discussions.


Try Usenet today!