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Why use UseNet?

For Internet users looking for a sense of community, more are finding themselves going back to an older technology -- Usenet newsgroups! ... Full story

Beginning Guide to Usenet Newsgroups

Advantages of Usenet NewsgroupsDownload Speed – speeds are only limited by your internet connection and Newsgroup providerUpload – no sharing is required!  This keeps your ... Full story

What is Usenet?

Usenet is a universal distributed Internet discussion system. It evolved from the general purpose UUCP architecture of that same name.Duke University graduate students Tom Truscott ... Full story

About PAR & PAR2 Files

IntroductionPAR/PAR2 files, or Parity files, are God's gift to the newsgroups. They are the answer to the problem of missing or damaged files in an ... Full story

About RAR Files

IntroductionThe RAR format is a compression format like ZIP, but is much more capable and fits well into the Usenet community. Both the RAR format ... Full story

About Newsgroups

The newsgroups are part of a worldwide distributed network that was first started way back in 1979. There are thousands of decentralized and independent machines ... Full story

The Newsgroups Intro

The BeginningThe Newsgroups, also known as Usenet, are a special part of the internet that pre-dates the World Wide Web. Once upon a time when ... Full story

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