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Alt.Binz Guide

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Alt.Binz Guide

Alt.Binz is one of the best newsreaders available.  It is simple to setup, has automated repair and unRAR functions, and it is free up to version 0.25.0.  This is a step-by-step setup guide to optimize Alt.Binz.



1. Dowload Alt.Binz

2. Double click the download file and follow the installation steps.

3. Ensure ‘Run Alt.Binz’ is checked before clicking Finish.  Otherwise, you can open Alt.Binz from the installation location.

4. Select Setup from the top menu.

5. The first setup screen lets you adjust the download directory.

6. Click NZB on the left hand setup menu.

7. Check ‘Register NZB extension to Alt.Binz.

8. Click Servers from the left hand setup menu.
•    Name - server nickname
•    Address - server address (news.giganews.com, news-europe.giganews.com, news.supernews.com, etc.)
•    Number of connections – varies based upon account level.  Check your startup email.
•    Port – 119 is the default Non-SSL port.  563 is the default SSL port.  Most servers offer additional choices.

9. Check ‘Server requires authentication.’

10. Click ‘Add as primary.’

Recommended Newsgroup Providers

Giganews Newsgroup Service – Highest Quality

Supernews – Best Value

Power Usenet – Good Quality and Value

11. Select Unrar from the left hand setup menu.

12. Check AutoUnrar at the top.

13. Check the last five boxes ending with ‘Delete empty folder.’

14. Select Miscellaneous from the left hand setup menu.

15. Check ‘Autopush Connect button’ on start.

16. Download an NZB from your favorite indexer.






17. Click the NZB button from the top menu, and select the NZB you downloaded.

18. Click Connect to start your download.