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NiouzeFire Guide

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Power users and novices alike would be remiss not to give NiouzeFire a try.  It has already gained popularity in France and for good reason.  This newsreader is free, simple to use, regularly updated, and offers automated repair and unRAR functions.


  1. Download NiouzeFire

2. Double click the download file and follow the installation steps.

3. Launch NiouzeFire after installation.


  1. Click the Add server button on the left side of NiouzeFire.

2. Each Usenet provider has different settings.  I am going to configure NiouzeFire for a Giganews Diamond Account using SSL.

  • Server address:  news.giganews.com (US Server); news-europe.giganews.com (EU Server)

  • Port – 443 or 563 with SSL; 23, 80, or 119 without SSL

  • Connections – Diamond accounts allow up to 50.  Check your specific plan because this setting will cause errors when set too high.

  • Check the box for Server authentication, and type your username and password

  • SSL – whether to check this box also depends on your account level.  All Diamond accounts offer SSL.

  • Type a nickname (Giganews)

3. Click OK

Recommended Usenet Providers

Giganews Premium Usenet – Amazing Quality

Supernews – Budget Value

Power Usenet – Quality & Value

Finding Content

NiouzeFire offers an integrated NZB finder powered by BinSearch and an efficient web browser.

To use the integrated NZB search engine:

  1. Click the Search tab at the top of the program

  2. Type your preferred keyword(s).  (Note - I usually increase the results per page and enable advanced search options to further filter results.)

  3. Check the box next to what you want to download.

  4. Click the green down arrow.

Another alternative is to use the Web browser integrated into NiouzeFire to visit your favorite NZB site.

  1. Click the Web browser tab.

  2. Type the URL of your favorite NZB indexing website.

  3. Search for your preferred keyword(s).

  4. Download the selected NZB.  NiouzeFire can be configured to automatically import NZB’s by selecting Tools, Settings, and Checking the box next to Enable Auto Import.

NiouzeFire tracks current and average download speeds, illustrates graphs, and also displays the elapsed and remaining time.

Repair & Extract

NiouzeFire comes equipped with working repair and extract functions.

To Repair a download:

  1. Click the manual repair folder.

  2. Select the folder where the download resides.

  3. Click the Start repairing button.

  4. A popup will alert you when the scan is complete.

The process to extract a download with NiouzeFire is almost the same as repair.

  1. Click the manual extraction icon.

  2. Select the folder to extract.

  3. Select the destination path.

  4. Click the start extraction button.

  5. A popup will alert you once NiouzeFire completes extraction.


NiouzeFire packs features generally reserved for pay newsreaders into an intuitive interface that most users will appreciate.  Some highlights that I haven’t mentioned include a download scheduler, IPV6 support, a bandwidth limiting tool, and integrated tools to unsplit downloads.  I highly recommend this newsreader for novices and power users alike.