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SABnzbd is quickly becoming the dominant newsreader on Usenet and for good reason.  This guide will serve as an overview for the basic installation and configuration.



Cross-Platform (works on Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems)

Automatically repairs downloads (eliminates the need for QuickPar)

Automatically extracts downloads (eliminates the need for Winrar)

An NZBMatrix account can be used to enable One Click Downloads.  The nzbdStatus plugin for Firefox or the SABConnect Chrome extension are also required.

Download SABnzbd

Download nzbdStatus

Download SABConnect


(This is straight forward.  Most users can skip to the Quick-Start Wizard section.)

1.  Select the language.  SABnzbd+ has native support for English, Deutsch, French, Dutch, and Svenska

2.  Agree to the terms

3.  Choose components to install.  Check “NZB File association” and “Run at startup” if SABnzbd will be your main newsreader.

4.  Choose the installation location.

5.  Choose start menu folder and install.


6.  Start SABnzbd

Quick-Start Wizard

(This is where the installation becomes interesting.)

1.  Select the language again, and press Start Wizard.

2.  The wizard allows three default skin choices.

3.  Check the box next to “Enable HTTPS access” if you plan to use SABnzbd remotely.   Tip:  Use a free service, like www.no-ip.com, to remotely access SABnzbd with your dynamic IP.

4.  Step three configures the news server.  This example uses Giganews server settings.

Host or Server Address is dependent upon geography.  Giganews offers two choices:

news-europe.giganews.com  (Europe)

news.giganews.com  (North America & most countries outside Europe.  Giganews also has NNTP servers in Hong Kong. )

Port – 119, 23, or 80 without SSL; 443 or 563 with SSL

All Usenet providers provide alternate ports for troubleshooting.

Username and Password – user selected.

Connections – based on your specific plan.  Tip: Use fewer connections than your account allows to minimize errors and not waste system resources.

SSL – based on your specific plan.  Whether you use SSL or not will change the port used.

5.  Step Four integrates NZBMatrix accounts into SABnzbd allowing for additional plugins (One Click Downloads), RSS feed capabilities, and additional organization.

(Steps 6 & 7 illustrate how to obtain an API Key from NZBMatrix.)

6.  Log into NZBMatrix and select Your Account.


7.  The bottom right box will show an API Key or allow you to generate one.  Copy this key into step four of the setup wizard.


8.  SABnzbd will restart.

9.  A password is required if you selected this option in step two of the wizard.

10.  You can manually add an NZB by clicking Browse under Add File.  Click Add and the download will start.

You should be ready to experience the speed of Usenet!

Enabling One Click Downloads

  1. Download nzbdStatus for Firefox.



2. Install nzbdStatus for Firefox.





3.Restart & nzbdStatus will ask for an additional API Key.





4. Go to Config and General in SABnzbd to find the API key.  A SABnzbd icon will be added to NZBMatrix.



5. Clicking once on this icon will add the NZB to SABnzbd and start your download.



SABConnect – is the comparable program for Chrome users.